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I should have said something on Wednesday
Someone here was trying very hard to get me another job, and I was very grateful for her support. But now I feel bad that I let her down by forgetting to apply for a job that she recommended, and then forgetting to tell her and the person with the available position that I now have a different job and therefore don't wish to apply.

While I'm sure she'd be happy that I have another full time job, she might also feel that all her efforts were in vain. (And there is still an unfilled position.) How do I make everything better?

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That wasn't quite the answer I was looking for, but thanks anyway. :-)

Now if only I could finish cleaning up my Forte Diary. :-(

Well, you could hand her my resume... but I doubt that would go too well. ;)

I can probably refer someone if you can give me a PD. you know my e-mail addy

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