Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Lonely in Sydney

I'm sitting in an underground Internet cafe in Sydney that is full of gamers, which actually gives quite a bit of privacy, since all eyes are glued to the screen. There are also little booths that I could use if I felt inclined to look around. Since I can only pseudo-touch-type, my eyes are often glued to the keyboard, but the lighting makes it tricky to see the keyboard and the Japenese characters are slightly more prominent than the roman ones.

I came here after a pang of loneliness brought on by leaving Theresa, Jesara and Joshua: they had a plane to catch to get back to Melbourne. I keep thinking about things that I'd like to record in my journal; perhaps whilst paying for Internet time is the perfect occasion.

+ Friday:

My family (minus Deborah, who has been enjoying having the house to herself) arrived soon after my second visit to Krispy Kreme. I had checked-in, then bought two Original Krispy Kreme doughnuts - one for me and one for Theresa. I was finishing the second one when I remembered that one was for Theresa, so I went back for more.

Dinner at Nick's (King St Wharf version), which was great, but Jesara was a pain; she kept wanting to return for walks along the waterfront. Maybe she was just really thirsty this weekend, but she seems to be a real water-child. Returned to hotel (The Menzies) and eventually got Jesara to sleep.

+ Saturday:

Why one Earth would most shops in the Met Centre (underground shopping centre under Wynyard station) be closed on a Saturday? I was particularly surprised to see a closed Bakers Delight and Boost. I was also disappointed that the Coles deli had no cold meats, so we had a breakfast of ham and cheese croissants with chicken instead of ham.

Picnic lunch outside the Chinese Gardens. Once inside, we enjoyed the tranquil surrounds, even though carting a stroller up and down steps (often with a toddler in it) is not much fun. They have a traditional costume hire service, so we have photos of Jesara, the tired Chinese princess. Oh, and Joshua sitting in a Buddha's lap.

Dinner at a cafe in The Rocks, followed by advice from police officers (out the front of a pub) that The Rocks is no place for kids at night. Jesara and Joshua both got to sleep soundly and quickly, which made me a very happy boy...

Oh, and at some point during the day, we took a ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour; Jesara really, really loved it. Sounds like we'll have to be going for beach holidays during her childhood.

+ Sunday:

Brunch at Golden Harbour in Chinatown, as per a recommendation from a colleague. Very nice, but if we had said yes to ever dish that came our way, we wouldn't have been able to see each other. I was particularly impressed - once we had moved on - with the way the people at Happy Cup put a seal on top of my Strawberry Snow Shake and Pearls.

Then it was goodbye. It was sad to see them go, but I still think I'll enjoy the rest of my week here. And it was a good way to get a holiday at a discount rate (work paid for Theresa's flights and the hotel room).

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