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Scary man not so scary after all
A while back, I meant to post that it feels nice to have people around who believe in me. Enough so that they are trying to find me work. But of course, they can't just give me a job: it has to be approved and be beneficial to the company.

That's where the Head of IT comes in. The comments I'd heard led me to believe that he'd come across as being negative to the idea of taking on someone without experience in the occupation. By contrast, he came across positively; I now believe that if I don't get a job, it will be because he has accurately assessed that it is beyond my capability, rather than because he's just not interested in giving me a go. So, back to waiting and seeing.

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Best of luck! You totally deserve to get a role :) The relief would, I imagine, be great.

Keeping you within the company would be a well thought out and intelligent thing to do that would benefit the company going into the future.

How often do they make decisions like that?

I suppose I need to wish you good luck.

Good Luck.

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