Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

In Sydney

Over the last day, there have been a few times I've wanted to post stuff to LJ. To summarise:

* We saw Deborah's circus troupe, the Hip Cat Circus, perform last night. It was very enjoyable and pleasing to watch. Follwed by drinks and speeches. Not so late that I was tired, so that was good. We missed the fire triwling, though. I hope to go along on Saturday night just to see the fire twirling before the show.

* I don't much like onions, but the caramelised onions with the marinated steak for lunch were delicious. And not highly priced like some of the other places here.

* As anticpated, I was unable to sleep in the taxi or on the plane - too awake, too distracted, etc. Now, at 3:50pm, I am very much ready to go to bed. Getting up at 5am does not agree with me. I hope I can get to sleep for a brief bit between having getting back to the hotel and going out to see The Lion King.

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