Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

The good and the bad

Overall, I have been feeling quite good recently.
  • We had to have a caesarean, but Theresa is handling it better than she expected.
  • The baby was born on the day I was due back at work, but that was better than two days later (when a caesarean was scheduled), which would have made me miss out on credit for the workplace training units I did.
  • Someone crashed into my car, but I still made it into work, and dealing with the insurance companies was pleasant.
  • They've told me that it's not worth repairing the car and instead will be sending me agreed market value, but for some reason I don't care, and think that I'll somehow find a car without having to pay too much more.
  • If I get another job here, I'll miss out on 5-6 months of salary in the form of a redundancy payment, but at least I won't have to go out into the big scary world to find something. I may even get a little extra money to help pay for the iMac that I want.
  • We had a boy, but I'm getting used to the idea, and find that I don't tend to treat him any differently.
  • I missed a train this morning and the next one was cancelled, so I go to work 30 mins late; but I am feeling comfortable enough that people know I make up the time.
  • I wasn't happy with my directing skills for Geoffrey (Hartwell One Act Play 2004), and expected Hartwell to be unhappy too. But I can see that I can get better, and Hartwell must too, because they're letting me direct another play next year.
  • I have been spending too much recently, but has still managed to stop it from getting totally out of control.
Maybe a couple weeks of leave has helped. Yes, this must be it, because I can't see the stress coming back now that I'm back at work...

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