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Car crash
Any advice on what you're supposed to do after a car crash? (When another driver swerves into you.)

They're going to get in touch with their insurance company, but I'm not sure whether I need to do anything myself before hearing from them...

I hope it doesn't rain much today.

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Get in touch with YOUR insurance company and hand your insurance company the other persons details etc.

Write down exactly what you were doing and exactly what the other person was doing when the accident happened. Draw diagrams of what happened and how it happpened. Times, Locations, road conditions etc

Take photos of the damage to the car.

Hope your alright. Goodluck with it. You will find your insurance company will probably be very helpfull.

...i was gonna say what he said.

yeh, hope things are good.

might be an idea to come and see me as well.

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