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Birth Announcement: Joshua Riley Holt
The Holt family grows again. After about a week of false labour, Theresa finally got the real thing just as we prepared for bed last night. The little bugger kept us up all night with regular contractions, but not a lot of progress. Eventually Theresa agreed to a cesarean section, but not until she had given labour a good try and a lot of thought. Anyway, enough of that; Theresa will put together a better birth story.

What you really want are photos (and other details), so just visit:

It has all the details, plus a link to his first photo album:

Not the most brilliant shots so far, but I hope to take more over the next week.

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YaY!!!! B A B Y !!

Hi Joshua!

Congratulations :)

May the world be full of joy for you and your new family member.


shoulda called him bob.

talk to him in german or italian so he learns languages good.

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