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Jesara: Month By Month
LJ has opened up beta testing of its new photo hosting service (based on FotoBilder) to all paid users, prompting me to renew my paidstatus. To try it out, I've put together a collection of Jesara's photos: one per month. I'll do the same for Josh (when he arrives) and Deborah.

FotoBilder is very nice, with some functionality that is a bit awkward to achieve with my current setup. However, I think I'll stick with using BreezeBrowser to generate HTML pages and host them myself.

One advantage of pics.livejournal.com, is that groups are shared with LJ, so you can make photos visible to friends without them having to register on a different site. Below is a test of the Post To Journal functionality:

May-2002 Jul-2002


Aug-2003 Dec-2003


Mar-2004 Aug-2004


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Half empty or half full?

Hopefully it won't be an overcooked baby. The theory is that he needs the extra cooking time; if we had chosen/accepted an elective cesarean, maybe he would have been out too early.

There is a deadline: a cesarean is booked for Wednesday morning. I'd much rather he came tomorrow, though. I'd like to avoid the awkward situation of (partly)missing out on a free training course I've been wanting for years.

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