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I've got to go easier on a person at work who asks a lot of questions, in particular, the same questions over and over again. I don't expect fast learners, but I do expect people to eventually learn stuff and remember enough to get by. Hmm, no - let me start again...

The problem I have with this person is not that he doesn't learn (he does, even if it is slowly), but that he doesn't seem to be able to think for himself. Perhaps my expectations are just too high. He does get work done and quite efficiently, too, provided tasks stay within the bounds of given processes. And he is at least making an effort to say "this is the situation - should I do this?"... He must be sick of me replying with a blank stare as if to say "I can't believe you need to ask this". But at the end of the day, I'd much rather someone who asks lots of questions, than someone who just makes stuff up...

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I have to admit even I'm starting to notice he asks rather strangely "duhh" questions. Bit of a worry, that! ;)

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