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A packet of Tim Tams that never runs out
I want...

* A new iMac G5.
* A redundancy payment to help buy the iMac.
* Continued employment with AAPT. (Yes, I realise I can't have both.)
* A baby. Before the weekend.
* To know more about the move upstairs. I've received a new workstation location, but nothing to tell me about it in the first place.
* Brunch. I'm hungry.
* Another pie from the deer farm on the way to Phillip Island. Anyone got recommendations for venison suppliers?
* Other stuff, but that will do for now.

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I wonder what the chances of gemsling and arcanumveritas having babies on the same day is. :D

When are they due? (I can't remember.)

Yeah. Even I want a new iMac G5, but with the fact that with Salary Sacrifice a top of the line powerbook is cheaper than the cheapest iMac really hurts.

Move Upstairs = annoying. Smaller desks, more noise in the area, more glare, less space. But we really don't matter that much so....

We were all upstairs previously, I don't see what the problem is TBH. All the people whinging about moving upstairs are the same ones that whinged about moving downstairs...

I loved the move downstairs. But the positioning for some of us really sucks. Desks backing onto major thouroughfares (sp?).

The desks that most people are getting have about 2-3 sq. foot less desk space - that is annoying. The brighter lighting and higher glare is bad for me.

I'm still not hearing anything about why we're moving upstairs, which is really what I'm wondering. I get the impression that the downstairs area will be used for something, since everyone seems to be vacating...

SOC and Support will be moving downstairs, but before they do, they are refitting it ie. putting in the roof that we were told 10 months ago that we would get...

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