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It's Just the 'internet' Now
Wired News has an article titled "It's Just the 'internet' Now". They've changed their style guide to use: internet, web and net; Internet, Web and Net are out.

Suddenly I find myself in a quandry. Do I follow the Wired News style guide? Do I stick with what I know? Do I do a survey of media style guides to see which approach is more widespread?

I'll start by asking for your opinion. (Feel free to comment as well.)
Poll #337465 Internet or internet?

Should I use a capital 'I' ("Internet"), or a lowercase 'i' ("internet")?

Spell it as: internet (lowercase)
Spell it as: Internet (capitalised)

A few more thoughts:

I guess the main reason "the Internet" makes sense to me is that it makes it nice and clear we are talking about THE Internet: not just any old internet. Of course, I say that to people who are unfamiliar with internetworking technologies and they say, "what other internets are there?" or "but there is only one Internet, isn't there?".

These days, the reality is that the Internet is so well known and established, that the few internets that are not connected to the global Internet are called WANs or extranets, or VPNs, etc.

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i don't think "internet" vs "Internet" is as big a gripe as losing "you're" to "your" (which just looks wrong and is my pet gripe)

It's not a gripe: it's a quandary; I don't know which option to choose for my own writing.

Grammatical errors do piss me off, but at least I know for sure what is correct.

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