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Inherently broken!
Inherently broken!

How are we ever going to get better at billing customers accurately when the billing methods built into our provisioning system are inherently broken?

I should clarify two things:

1. The problem is not billing accurately; it is being able to bill accurately without manually fixing things at pre-bill time.

2. Individual billing methods are not broken. The problem is that some products use one model and other products use a different model. Yet, any combination of models may be used in a sale, so the system must be flexible enough to allow both main pricing models for every order type.

It doesn't help that one of the product managers involved doesn't fully understand the difference between "minimum monthly" and "monthly fee with included traffic".

Yes, I have raised this issue. No, my suggestions have not been further considered.

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I an fraerie's experience, they only start listening if it is your job to critique the system. And then only if you have been asked to critique that specific system. And then only if the cost of fixing it overall is less than the cost of fixing it each month for a quarter. And then only if they still have someone who can fix the system. And then only if they care in the first place; if they can blame someone else, it is going to happen.

All in all, give up.

When you say "give up", which do you mean?

1. Continue, in frustration, to use workarounds that allow me to provision a product, but not ensure correct billing?

2. Refuse to do something if no way has been developed to do it?

The first option, I guess, since refusal to work is really just another example of a futile attempt to bring change.

Whereas my concern is not how sales critters might fail to comprehend the billing system, because sales critters frequently fail to comprehend much of anything. My concern is how the Yanks that AAPT have outsourced the billing to might fail to comprehend the billing system.

they're not yanks, they're canadian.

and you have nothing to complain about, gemsling, unless you have 10 orders that are over 100 days old, have logged devreq's against them, dev have not gotten around to fixing, and you have 1 week in which to clean them up.

That's not what the letter from Ask Another Person Tomorrow said, if I recall correctly. It's on the coffee table at home, so I can't double check, but I'm pretty sure it said American.

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