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To take the job or not to take the job

Do I pre-emptively contact the manager who might be about to offer me a job and tell him that I don't think I want it?

Or, do I wait until it is offered, then have to find the courage to say "sorry you went to all that effort and cost in recruiting, but I've decided to decline the position"?

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Wait for the offer. They may offer you somethign you cant resist (unlikerly but still)

Theres no reason to prempt them. They understand that people change their minds.

well if you knwo you don't want it, pull out,. because if you don't get anything ewlse then they can say "oh we offered you something and you turned it down, so we don't have to give you redundancy."

pull out, i say.

The job is not an 80% fit, so they can't do that.

I would wait, better to know you are wanted, if you are...

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