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Feeling a sense of foreboding
I'm feeling a sense of foreboding at the moment. I wonder why...

Is it because of work that I should have completed by now, but haven't? Is it because I no longer have access to a particular script I need and think I have been deliberately removed? (All I did was look at the file to check something, but must have somehow written to it, as my name is now set as the owner...) Is it because my step-daughter seems to be getting distant from us, and letting go is hard? Is it because of other stuff I have to do, but haven't yet done so? Is it because of financial concerns? (Spending more than we are earning.)

I think the answer is "yes".

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I found out why I don't have access to the file. When I was added to it, RCS was not used. This week, a change was made (with RCS), so I got wiped out...

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