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Work - where do I start?

I have too much work to do, but every time I try to get work done, I break down almost to the point of tears, because I can see no way through to the point where workload is under control and I can get stuff done before people query why it's not already done. Sorry about the long sentence.

It is almost 5pm and I should be leaving soon, but I still haven't touched the urgent domain order, nor organised an induction, nor dealt with more than half a dozen of the many issues brought to my attention today, each of which is likely to take some time to resolve. Sorry about the long sentence.

There is no one who can help, because part of the workload is due to me not working quick enough, or hard enough, or long enough, or something, and because the few people who can help don't have the time to help (we desperately need to start training a Sydney person to do telehousing), or are supposed to give higher priority to other tasks. Sorry about the long sentence.

Maybe it's better being stressed about work than having a "can't be bothered" feeling, but the stress isn't helping me fix the situation. I'd expand on that so that I could once again apologise for sentence length, but fuck it. To do list addition: edit this post to remove the expletive; I'm not a big fan of using them, despite an urge to litter it throughout this post.

Executive summary: too much work, no end in sight, and no idea how I'm going to be able to leave work for a week's parental leave.

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