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Rum balls, assessment, yellow tie.
Mmmm, really good rum balls today. Fresh and rummy.

Back to hell, after being away most of yesterday. Too much to do. As proof that I was at an assessment centre yesterday, I present this IM conversation from before I left the office:

(11:03:54) eddy: nah, look, i can't let it go any further.
(11:03:57) eddy: it's the tie, man.
(11:04:01) eddy: it's the fuckin' tie.

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Yeah. It was a "What is that man doing to himself" tie.

But then, most of them are in my opinion. Stupid things.

Important men used to wear bibs at formal gatherings because their shirts were expensive (hand made and all that). Also, table manners were not really anything people cared about.

It got so that if you did not bring a bib, you were looked on strangely.

Now they have turned into a business attire item, I can only assume because it was the rich who used to wear them to protect their expensive clothes, and people wanted to look rich - even when they weren't.

Grow up civilization. We have mass produced clothes, we have detergents, we have washing machines. We dont need bibs.

Well, ok, often I do.

I always thought of the tie as a chauvinistic male statement: "Look at me. Look at my tie. Look where it's pointing. Yes, I have a penis. Aren't I good?"

So what does that say about bow ties?

(to the tune of "see my vest")





more words here...


as for the tie itself... it hought it was partly to do (in addition to the bib thing) with holding the collar of a shirt together.

Some men dress for girls,
Boys, they dress for school.
The only thing I'm dressing for...
Is to prove that I'm a tool.

See my tie, see my tie.
Caus' I am such a proper guy.
With a neckband for a headstand,
You all know I'm king of your land.

See this pin, made of tin,
but gold plated - really thin,
Just to show off my attire,
And to prove my worth is higher.

Three piece suits made to wear,
Just to show my ties great flair,
With their bright and gaudy colours,
Oh, they glare,

See my turquiose plaid,
And my hoola hoop girls,
See my tie, see my tie,
See my tie.

High starched collars, worth my dollars,
To show off my tie's great colours,
But there's way to many ties,
For me to buy.

Se let's go show those slobs
Who don't dress up like knobs.

See my tie, see my tie.
Oh please, won't you see my tie.

Bibs? Good hypothersis, but not really :) The ties was considered teh height of fashion and the more brighter or oppulent the tie the more respected ytou were. To use it as a bib would certainly be a no-no.

Believe it or not, we actually get neck ties from the croatians. If I correctly recall some school history during HSC/CVE years, the croations were a crack regiment that helped win some war in the 16th/17th history. They wen't to paris to be presented with awards and their formal uniform included bright silk scarves around their necks. The Paris'ians being the fashionable people they are loved it and started the widespread wearing of ties by the gentile (since it was silk). And also the term cravat(sp?) coming from croat.

Also, an overtight neck tie apparently greatly increases the risk of developing glaucoma as it increases blood pressure in veins to the ocular region.

I was going by something I read in a "history of fashion" book a few years ago. There was a comment that the colouring came from a modification to chivalry, where people wore regimental colours, but that the sash was the standard way of doing this.

Then again, history is always biased, and I was not there.

Anyway; considering I am on medication to help control circulation to my head (migraines) the idea of a tie is so bloody abhorent to me that I don't want to consider having to wear one all the time. Especially as I heard from a friend sometime last year how his work was cracking down on people who wore their ties loose. If you could fit a finger between the collar and your neck, your tie was too loose. Fuck-heads.


I had always thought it was the bib thing...

But there are other sources that could be alternate origins for the modern tie.

If I'd decided to go for those jobs I wouldnt get one based on what I heard y'all got tested on. I mean... maths!? Its like some old public service entrance exam. Gawd.

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