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Computer woes (not mine)
Argh! I decided the easiest way to fix my step-father's computer problems (which are due to having too much crap installed, plus program corruption due to his deleting files to make it work), would be to take it away, format it, install stuff from scratch, and copy the data back.

Problem: can't get the on-board video adapter to work. I know on-board video is evil, but he had no need for anything fancy and I can't afford to get an external card to use instead. I tell Windows 98 to search for drivers under the old Windows and Windows\INF directories, but it thinks 16 colour VGA is best.

Searching for "VIA vt8235" shows that it's a motherboard with on-board video, but all the drivers around are for the on-board Ethernet adapter. :-(

On a more positive note, the other day I was wondering if it would be possible to backup computer data to a tape with a digital video camera. This morning, in the Apple Hot Downloads RSS feed: DV Backup.

Also, I was thinking about resizing the HFS+ partition on my 250GB external LaCie disk (I started out by only making it 150GiB). There was something for that too (iPartition), although I think I'll wait 'til I need to resize, then find a free way to do it.

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*thwacks* *thewacks* :)
step 1) Find out the model of the motherbaord
Step 2)
If its a name brand (dell etc etc) go to the website and go to drivers and you WILL find the video drivers
If its just a gigabit motherboard or such go to the manufactuers site and they will have drivers for the video card.

Brand name - no. :-(

"go to the manufactuers site and they will have drivers for the video card"

You'd think so, wouldn't you? The only name I can see on the motherboard is VIA vt8235. VIA does have a drivers section on their site, but nothing for vt8235. So, I downloaded some for similar looking series, but had no luck.

It's good you pointed me back there, though. I skipped the "VIA Hyperion drivers" section, thinking it wasn't relevant. But it does say "for all VIA chipsets using Windows". Will try it tonight.

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