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Sydney this, Sydney that
It's all about Sydney. Sydney this. Sydney that. My department is moving to Sydney. Efforts are being made to get people different jobs in Melbourne, but there's no escaping the fact that if you're not in Sydney, you're not really a part of the company.

New headquarters have been announced in Sydney. Not just a Sydney super-office, but "headquarters". A place for the real workers, not the interstate plebs.

I'm being unfair; it's not really like that. What really bugs me, though, is the uselessness of the internal recruitment system, provided by an external company. I registered. I made a profile. I specified that I am looking for work in AU-VIC. And the bulk of the notifications I get are for Sydney positions. I waste my time on overly long URLs only to discover that the job notification is useless to me. It's like a subtle reminder that Sydney is it and a bit; the place where it all happens. But rest assured, we do still want people in Melbourne from time to time.

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People who live in Sydney have shorter lifespans, therefore they get to hire new people more often...

Hiring new people is always cheaper than keeping the old ones.

OK. This might not be why our company is doing this, but I have worked for a few people who take stuff like this seriously.

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