Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

The milk saga continues

Someone around here is a dickhead. For weeks, our milk order has remained unchanged. Almost two crates of full cream milk, about half a crate of Rev and six cartons of Skinny Milk. All up, three crates, with a few extra cartons on top. Today, there are four crates sitting there (though one is not quite full). It seems that in today's delivery, we got more full cream milk, but the same amount of Rev and Skinny Milk.

The problem? We already have too much full cream milk and not enough of the other types. Now we're going to have two and a half fridge shelves full of full cream milk and still no one's going to think to change the milk order.

The milk order should not be seen as a fixed thing; we should either order what we need, or have a fixed order, but periodically supplement it with a special order. However, the last time I pointed out a mis-balance in the milk varieties, I was told "the order has been changed three time already", as if it is beyond comprehension that our fixed milk order doesn't perfectly match consumption.

As a result, I no longer place the milk in the fridge when I see it sitting there. I leave it to someone else to notice that it has been there for over an hour and to have the fun of finding shelf space for an oversupply of full cream milk.

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