Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Dream, the third

elindal, you were right, at least to some extent. I have been dreaming about my mother a fair bit recently. One one hand, it is nice to see her again. On the other hand, she is heavily sick in these dreams. It would be somewhat nicer to dream of earlier times; at least that would reduce the chance of waking up crying, like this morning.

We were at a relative's house for lunch. Which relative? Not sure. At first we we're going to see Theresa's parents, the house seemed to be the same as my late grandmother's (expect that her bedroom was now the dining room), and my cousin Melinda was serving the food. Lots of food (a roast), bound to taste great and make us very full.

I went down to the dining room to talk to Mum, she had been sleeping at the table (not particularly comfortable) and had just woken in time for lunch. She would not be able to eat much, though. I was trying to be supportive and understanding; she could eat just a little of each thing, to get the taste.

Very sad, though, that she got to be this way. I wake up and cry, still regretting that I couldn't help her die before things got that bad.

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