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Chocolate and sendmail
I want chocolate. Oh, and someone to help me configure sendmail (running on MacOS X).

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What the fuck do you think we are?!

My personal sysadmin slaves! Actually, I wasn't seriously expecting help. Or chocolate. :-(

My advice: install Postfix.

I might give that a try. I didn't want to deviate too much from the standard install and all I want to do is make it use a hostname other than localhost. But I might try postfix. Or maybe I can pick up a copy of Panther, which comes with postfix rather than sendmail...

You probably want to grab Panther anyway, but you should be able to grep for the relevant hostname setting in sendmail.cf and change it there.

I can't recall which bits you need to change, I think it's "Cwlocalhost" or something similar.

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