Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Trains - over two hours to get to work

There are occasions when I am inclined to agree with the people who do nothing but bitch and moan about how bad public transport is when the subject of trains comes up. This morning is one such occasion.

Having just missed the 8:01, I waited for the 8:10, which would mean I'd get to work by about 9:15. Actually, I didn't wait for the 8:10 - it was cancelled. Due to this cancellation, the 8:19 was quite full. Even when the school kids got off at Mentone, the train was rather full. I thought I'd try a different carriage, so that I could (hopefully) find somewhere to finish what I have been writing without anyone looking at the screen. Seeing that the other carriages were the same, I decided to stay off the train at Mentone, have a much needed toilet break, then get the next train.

The next train was also cancelled. I wondered off to Bakers Delight and wasted $1.70 that I can't really afford on a cheesymite scroll that was rather disappointing. I returned to the station in time for the next train, which was running late. Before it arrived, I heard an announcement that the train after it would not run. Every second train for about an hour cancelled. Not good. Knowing I couldn't miss yet another train, I squeezed on board.

So, instead of getting to work at 9:20 via a full train, I got to work at 10am via a train that felt like it belonged in Tokyo at peak hour. Nice. And I still haven't finished what I was writing.

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