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Lists in LJ

I tend not to like viral things such as quizzes and lists, but thought I'd give this one a go. Don't know where it started, but it's doing the rounds; from lildistrbedchik to vampyrmistress to dechardonay to willow_blossom...

First screen name: Never been in a film. Oh! Online name? Orrie (short for The Oracle)
First piercing/tattoo: none
First credit card: CBA Visa - still have it. (Well, the account - card has been replaced.)
First enemy: fellow school kids
First concert: Eithe Alanis Morissette or The Beach Boys - can't remember
First musician you remember hearing in your house: We have no musicians in our house

Last big car ride: To Sale, for Romeo and Juliet
Last library book: A CD or an audiobook. Can't remember last library -book-.
Last movie seen: Titus
In the theatre: Mystic River
Last food consumed: Toast
Last phone call: Pleasing - got a response from someone who is hard to contact
Last CD played: All music on computer now. Last album: The Mikado
Last drink drank: Water
Last time scolded: Burnt or told off?

:::::SHORT ANSWER:::::
I am: Can't tell you
I want: A packet of Tim Tams that never runs out (and a $10,000 Apple voucher)
I have: A new 40Gb iPod
I wish: I can't tell you my biggest wish
I hate: Microsoft Outlook, proprietary data formats
I wonder: How it will pan out over time
I love: My family
I ache: Because I haven't eaten
I always: Can anyone truely say "I always..." about something?
I am not: Female. :-(
I dance: Rarely
I sing: With difficulty, due to limited range
I cry: About a few key things, although I can also be fairly unemotional
I am not always:
I write: Rarely and incompletely
I win: By not gambling in the first place
I lose: By not gambling in the first place
I confuse: People
I need: To know I'm loved
I should: Finish things

:::::YES OR NO:::::
You keep a diary: Trying to, but not very good at it.
You like to cook: ...but don't do so very often, and therefore get stressed when I do
You have a secret you haven‘t shared with anyone: Yes. Plus the secret that only T has discovered.

:::::DO YOU:::::
Have a crush: From time to time
Want to get married: Yeah, although there doesn't seem to be much point
Get motion sickness: Mildly
Think you're a health freak: No
Get along with your parents: Yes. I find I'm getting along with Theresa's parents even better.
Like thunderstorms: Yes
Current hair color: "Do you current hair colour?" is not grammatically correct.

Number: 9
Color: Green
Day: Sat (weekend) and Thu (weekday)
Month: Eh, whatever. What is it with everyone having to have favourites?
Song(s): I've had a bad experience with this in the past.
Season: Spring (Vivaldi). Spring or Autumn (weather)
Drink: Depends on mood. Smooth red wine, good beer, fruit juice, milk drinks.

Cuddle or make out: Depends
Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: Depends. Whichever is more chocolatey.
Milk, dark, or white chocolate: White
Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate, but vanilla is a very close second

Cried? No, but in the last 3 days, I have...
Helped someone? Yes
Bought something? Yes
Gone to the movies? No
Said "i love you"?: Yes
Written a real letter: No, but in the last 3 years, I have...
Talked to an ex?: No
Missed an ex?: No
Written in a diary?: Yes
Had a serious talk?: 4 days ago
Hugged someone?: Yes

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