Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Romeo and Juliet

I often never bother to write, or finish writing journal entries about memories and things I may find interesting when reading back over them in years to come.

Tonight is the second final night of Romeo and Juliet, Hartwell's Shakespeare production for 2004. Final night was last Saturday and I was the last one standing at 5:30am. A reasonable effort for a cast party. My "passive control-freak" persona (labelled by Richard Pappas during last year's cast party) came out again; I brought a selection of music that was appreciated. It was, as Rose put it "my first dud cocktail night". I tried making Midori Illusions using the recipe on the bottle (three parts lemon juice is way to acidic). Now I see why premix bottles of Illusion have pineapple juice (a bit like a Midori Splice).

So anyway, a week later, here we are in Sale. About 56 in the audience; we were expecting more, but at least they fill a reasonable portion of the theatre and they seem to be receptive. I started this morning with a bad mood that lasted most of the day. A combination of various minor things: leaving late, being on a budget and not having a budget to pay for the petrol, not being able to sleep, etc.

The performance is going well, though, and Theresa and Deborah seem to be enjoying it.

This afternoon's rehearsal, while it's length annoyed me, was quite funny to watch. It's the one chance the actors had to act in any zany or overdone way the liked. The type of things you talk about, but never actually dare to do in front of an audience. And you can't do it in the early rehearsals, because you don't yet know your lines.

There was probably more I wanted to record, but I'll stop now; I need to go and ask Geoff if he's willing to give his "wee bag" to Samuel, so that I can keep mine...

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