Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Order forms

A sales team in a different part of the company is now selling products we provision, which is fine; they have even been given a little training! Not enough to help them fully understand, but give them time. Today's gripe - order forms...

Me: That's the old form. Please use the new one.
Rep: Okay.
Me: BTW, where did you get the old one?
Rep: From [insert name of person who should know better after two years]
Me (to both of them): delete the old forms and get new ones at this URL.
Them: Okay.

I can live with the above, but I somehow got it in my mind that they would start using the forms I referred them to. Not so. "So did the rep give use the old form again?" Oh, no, not at all. The form I have recieved is the training version I put together with annotations all over it...


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