Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

I object...

I object to... or should I say I am allergic to... the Microsoft Way. No, not the road on which their headquarters reside, but the insidious world they create and try and hook people into.

I object to the term "Favourites". Sites I bookmark are not necessarily my favourite sites - they are just ones I may want to come back to later.

I object to the term "Buddy" for describing people I might communicate with via MSN Messenger. I object to Messenger itself, put others insist on using it, so I run a program that doesn't display the ads that Messenger does.

I object to the term "Web" for describing a web site designed with Front Page.

I object to Microsoft Office programs thinking by default that they can guess what I want them to do.

I object to Microsoft programs hiding menu items that I rarely use, but have not yet been desperate enough to find the option (it had better exist) to disable this pathetic default.

I object to other things about Microsoft, but don't want to get too worked up about it at the moment.

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