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MSN Contacts
And while I'm in the mood for complaining about software... This one's about MSN Messenger (using it for work, not by choice).

Why can't I rename a contact or provide something like an alternative description or nickname? With Trillian (and possibly GAIM - I haven't checked), it is possible to rename a contact. But with MSN, I can only see the ID (email address) and the name provided by the user. Sometimes neither of these is useful.

If I occasionally need to discuss something with Bob in Development, I have to remember that "Cameo" (foo123@example.com) is the one I need to double-click. Why can't I give it a label like "Bob"?

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It gets even more annoying when you have login names like "Joe who is bored and about to smash a TV" or "Smithers, massage my brain!". And then there's the 3245457458 Andrews I have on my list, none of whom I can tell apart...

...but what would be the fun, and how could you tell the mood of someone you're about to speak to if they didn't change their name based on what is going on around them???

- eddy who is about to smash a tv


Their chosen "name" would still appear in conversation windows. And their text would still be used for contacts which I have not renamed. "Witty" names are fine, but if I want the more functional approach of being able to easily see who is who, it should be possible. Especially since I use it for work, not as a means to extend my personal life to the workplace.

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