Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Farewell Leelah Alcorn: your death will not be in vain

Still feeling sad about Leelah Alcorn's suicide. It's a tragedy all round. And as much as it's hard to feel sympathy for her parents, when they can't even acknowledge her suicide, let alone her gender, I still feel sad for them. Well, sad about them would be more accurate.

Imagine how much good they could've done within the religious community if they could've overcome their prejudices and followed in the footsteps of Rob & Linda Robertson. The Robertsons tell their story at They've spoken to congregations, and even to the last ever Exodus conference, about how they eventually learned to truly love their gay son - unconditionally - just because he breathes. That title still gets me.

But they came around before he died. Now all Carla Alcorn has is denial, a dead child, and a tonne of hate mail. It's not too late for her to come around; to accept Leelah for who she really was. But she has lost forever the chance to embrace her daughter, to show her true acceptance, and to love her unconditionally, just because she breathes. RIP Leelah.

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