Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Distraction of the day

It was grey outside and rain was pelting down noisily on the roof. Suddenly my mind was whisked away to a quiet country pub or maybe a guest house, sitting with Michelle on a comfy couch in front of an open fire, looking out through a large window as rain swept across rolling green pastures. The glass shielded us from the wind and made the sound of the rain soft and distant. The crackle of the open fire could just be heard above the soft, lazy music that added warmth to the dimly-lit room, as we sipped our glasses of wine and just relaxed, knowing we had nowhere else to rush off to. Then, as if from afar, I heard the muffled words "where are you at with that relocation transaction?". I turned to my manager with a sigh, and suddenly, the spell was broken... :-(
Tags: daydream

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