Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

How I learned that mirrors work both ways...

When I was younger, we'd spend a fair bit of time with family friends Jenny and Wayne, and their daughters Rebecca and Jessica. One day they come over for lunch and at some point I had to have a shower. I'm not sure why I showered with the bathroom door open, but evidently I must have at that time.

"It's not fair - they're getting icy-poles and I'm not there; no, it's okay, they're getting one to save for me." Jessica ran sown the hall, dropped the icy-pole near the door, giggled, then ran back. I thought to myself "ah, I saw you there - I know you were sneaking up the hall" as if I had caught her in the act. I heard her giggling to Rebecca about something and I think I assumed that it was about the fact that she has snuck up the hall while I was in the shower.

Some years later, I looked back on that day and realised that she wouldn't have been giggling about what she did, but what she saw... She would have been confiding in her sister that she saw me (a boy!) naked.

And that's when it fully occurred to me that a mirror works both ways...

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