Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Mac App Store first impression: utter fail

So, I finally decided to upgrade to Lion. Only problem is that the Mac App Store is buggy and won't fully download the installer. What's really bizarre about it, though, is that it's not like it's getting stuck or anything – rather, the partial download gets cleared away any time I switch to the login window.

Me: "3 Gb downloaded. I'll let the last bit download and install it in the morning." [switches to login window]

Mac: "Ooh, look, he's switched to the login window. Guess he won't be needing this, then." [deletes download from ~/Library/Application Support/AppStore]

WTF? Why would Mac App Store do that? It's not like I logged out. (And even then, it should be possible to resume a partial download.) Grr...
Tags: tech

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