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<!-- Converted from text/plain format -->

Why the fsck would you do such a thing? (Yes, I am in a bad mood after receiving HTMLised versions of messages that must be in text/plain format.)

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...because they look pretty.

...because they look pretty.

I have to assume you are being sarcastic. It doesn't look any different when viewing in a web browser, and it certainly doesn't look pretty when viewing the HTML source.

of course i am being sarcastic i just dont use punctuation and the effect of sarcasm is lost on all who attempt to read this text but hey i get a kick because they have to read this sentence in one go and end up breathless at the end of it its such a pretty sentence tell me do you like my sentence i reckon its a corker i love it enjoy my sentence read it well and mark it for it is a wise and good sentence loaded with sarcasm that you cant see for there is no punctuation ag my head hurts i got work to do have my sentence

People who rely on HTML for email tend to be the same people who have no idea how to use punctuation.

They need to use bold or italics, because without them, they have no way of providing emphasis on what they are saying. Basically, they don't want to learn how to write in English, so they use gimicks instead.

Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for HTML, but basically, it is web pages. I also use bold and italics - and font sizes and colour - when I am Desktop Publishing a document, but that is for a specific purpose.

Email is text, it always has been text, and it will remain text until the specification changes.

My trick, when replying to people who do this, include the unedited HTML code in the reply, stripping out the HTML header and footer, and then refer them to their original message. They will complain that it is not readable, and you can tell them that it is what they sent you.

If we had the luxury of a company policy that required or recommended plain text, I would happily use unedited HTML in my replies.

Further to my original message: I wasn't (in this instance) complaining about people who use HTML, but software that converts text/plain to ugly text/html. The example in question:

1. The test version of Forte generates emails (plain text). These go to a test address (since you don't want to confuse people reading the real address).
2. Someone is forwarding these messages to me so I can see if they meet requirements.
3. Outlook, or perhaps Exchange, converts plain text to HTML, meaning I have to view each of the dozen attached messages in a web browser. (Where, of course, they appear like text/plain messages, when in fact they are not.)

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