Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

What do soap dispensers, statistics and censorship have in common?

Parenting is primarily about being consistent and letting go, but there are also secondary tenets, such as teaching them everything you know.

Tonight's subject was sensors, triggered by a question about how the light comes on when we leave the house. It's the most fun we've had since exploring the house to see how many different countries make the things we buy!

So far we've talked about motion sensors, heat sensors, hands-free soap dispensers, smoke detectors, those rectangles cut into roads to detect cars waiting at traffic lights, infra-red, touch screens and the electricity in our skin, plus various uses for accelerometers.

"Good night. I can't think of any more sensors for now, but tomorrow I'll tell you about the Census!" They didn't want to wait, but I insisted. And so, tomorrow is Census awareness day. I can't wait till Sunday when we talk about censors. :-)
Tags: parenting

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