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Ironing board woes (again)
What does one have to do to find a flat ironing board in this god-forsaken universe? I'm pretty sure companies used to know how to manufacture flat ironing boards... What's the point of selling premium models with more metal and more cost if they can't make the top flat?

If anyone has suggestions or leads on op shops or other places that might sell second-hand ironing beds, let me know. I'd be forever in your debt. (And now, that's not an offer to iron all your clothes. Well, maybe a weeks' worth.)

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I have the same problem you've got, our ironing board is currently a little bendy.

I think the solution is to either make an ironing board, or obtain the metal framed/mesh ones.

Metal frame and mesh? All of the models I have seen for sale use a metal frame and mesh, and in theory it should work well. The problem is that the manufacturers are incompetent and use flimsy mesh that dips down in the gaps between the frame, rather than staying flat across the surface. They could use a thicker mesh and recoup the cost of the extra metal by using a narrower guage of tubular steel for the frame.

Sadly, I don't think I'm up for making my own, although I guess I could re-surface my current frame if I could find a suitable mesh. It's either that or find a second-hand board from the days when they were made properly.

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