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How do you go from thinking no one loves you and everyone hates you, to deciding that you'll go eat some worms? Are worms a comfort food? Is it just attention-seeking? Or is the insecurity and self-pity just an aside?

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It's self-punishment. No one likes me, therefore I'm unworthy of like, therefore I'm inherently wrong, therefore I should punish myself.

Plus, it's catchier than "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I'll undergo an extensive bout of self-improvement."

True. I just figured that since the rest of the song (or what I remember of it) is about worms, it could start off as "no more steak left, no more bread; I think I'll eat some worms".

"There's a stapler, eggplant is purple, think I'll eat some worms."

Yup. It's any excuse to get to the worms.

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