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Instant downpour
What timing! Just as I pulled up at the outer-most fuel pump, it started. Instant downpour. The type that soaks through jeans and leather boots in seconds. It started before I got out of the car, fortunately, so I was able to get my raincoat and only get drenched from the waist down.

And then it was time for the slow drive home, through flooded intersections, with visibility of about 10-15 metres – much less for anything dimmer than a tail-light.

I've resisted the (ever so slight) urge to go out and wade through puddles, but did notice some local boys getting into the action, some with umbrellas, shoes and t-shirts, some without.

A man just spent 5 mins on his roof in a shirt and sunhat, cleaning out gutters. I bet he wished he did that yesterday!

This size storm is quite sufficient; I'm quite glad not to be living in those areas that are prone to floods and cyclones, especially now that such weather extremes are expected to become more frequent.

Also glad that I didn't go to the theatre tonight; they might not have let me in, drenched in the walk from the car. And thank you for the undercover car park; very handy when your car leaks.

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If I had a ladder I would have been on the roof doing the same thing. As it is, I just stood below and pulled down all the wisteria. Got utterly drenched.

We've bailed and sponged more than 10 litres from our backdoor (inside!) already. The freaky thing is the speed - we're checking it regularly and it will literally be a case of Check, Everything Okay, Go Away For Ten Minutes, Come Back To Needing To Bail Again.

Don't think I've really seen a summer downpour like this since the late '80s.

The Astor has been tweeting about the river forming outside its doors on Chapel Street and moist patrons...

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