Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Location, location, location

Thanks to some local displays, I did actually see fireworks for New Year's. And thanks to proximity, I didn't entirely miss out on the 11-minute extravaganza in Melbourne, either. Most notable was the sound: from here in Glen Iris, it sounded like either a really punctual thunderstorm or a very late Grand Prix. Actually, the addition of the obligatory car alarm nearby made it sound a bit like an air raid.

But there was vision, too: the clouds turned polka-dot, lit up by moving dots of light from the Southbank light show. There was also the occasional faint burst of coloured light appearing above the buildings that obstruct a view of the city from here.

Now I just need to remember about the 9:15pm fireworks next time the kids are with me on a NYE or Australia Day.

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