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Who's better at pulling focus?
Am I the only one who thinks that Nigella Lawson's least appealing feature is the flirtatious manner she's renowned for?

I recently skimmed through some recipes in her Nigella Express book, and kinda liked her approach and writing style, even though it was more literary than realistic. And, perhaps due to it's designation as "express", I found it had a higher than usual proportion of food I would actually cook. So, tonight I thought I'd give the corresponding TV series a go. Once again, I don't really think people talk like that, but it's kinda interesting, and I'm sure it could grow on me.

Yet, after watching all the smiles and flirtatious glances to the camera, I'm still left with the feeling that it's all a little overdone. The feeling that I want to slap her and say "oh, for goodness sake, just let us see what you're really like!", which is followed by the disturbing feeling that "what if this really is what she's normally like?".

Still, I liked the production style, even if the camera work was a little nauseating. In particular, mad props to the focus puller, who had kitchen bokeh up the wazoo. I think when I grow up I'm going to marry a focus puller. Actually, no: I'm going to marry a colour designer who can create wondrous colour schemes, and whose sister is a focus puller who can capture those colour schemes in seductive, enriching ways. Mmmm, now I have the taste for some hard candy...
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It's the plum in her mouth that puts me off.

Yes! That too. What's with that!

I've never liked Nigella (a chef who's constantly sticking fingers into food --> her mouth --> back into food without washing inbetween? EWWWWW! and all that flirtatious coquette rubbish, too, I can't stand women who carry on like that), but the absolute nail in the coffin was seeing her interviewed on Parkinson with Eddie Izzard as the other guest.

The woman is devoid of humour. Seriously. There was Eddie being hilarious and she sat there with an expression akin to a dog that's just been shown a card-trick. Not a glimmer of humour there at all.

And THEN! Then she started banging on about Eddie's transvestism with her half-baked psychopop theory that it was all because his mother died when he was 6 and he's obviously just trying to get his mother back. Eddie explained that, no, he had these desires prior to losing his mother, so it couldn't be that. And Nigella told him He Was Wrong. *boggle* She actually told a transvestite, to his face, that she knew better than he did why he likes to dress the way he does. Fuck that bitch.

Sorry to rant in your LJ, Gem. But oooooh she gets my goat!

Hey, rant away. I'm just pleased other people have managed to help me figure out what I don't like about her...

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