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Don't tell me to build a bridge and cross it, for that is precisely the problem...
Anyone care to build me a bridge across the railway line between my place and Gardiner Station? I'm sick of missing trains just because I didn't allow an extra 4 minutes to get over to the platform. As an acceptable alternative, I'd be happy with a timetable change that stops this silliness of the Glen Waverley train always being scheduled 2 minutes before the Flinders Street train.

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Try walking up to tooronga station.. Theres a bridge accros the line halfway between Tooronga and Gardiner as well.

True, but sadly the extra few minutes it takes to walk to Tooronga Station cancels out the benefits of not getting stuck at the boom gates near Gardiner Station. Basically it boils down to deciding which station I'd like to be approaching as I watch the train pull into the station and leave without me... ;-)

easy, leave home 4 mins earlier ;]

Ah, if only it were that easy. Currently the only leave-early option that really works is aiming to get the previous train, so leaving 15 mins earlier. Still doesn't always work, though!

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