Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Hibernation... kind of

I want to spend November 2011 participating in a sleep study in an isolated facility with no natural light. I'm guessing the chances of me finding such a study are pretty slim. But one can dream...
Tags: sleep

  • Monday morning, 2am...

    There's something drastically wrong with waking up earlier than you'd often get to sleep. Yup. Off to a great start, this week. Sigh.

  • Sleep, breathing and comfort - pick any two

    I really really hate it when I finally go to bed and am just about to fall asleep when I feel that I'm choking. It's as annoying as a mosquito, but…

  • Return to the living (Twelfth Night wrap)

    I'm not yet in the land of the awake and productive, but I'm doing okay given the lack of sleep over most of the last two weeks. Another full night's…

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