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New toys
Yay for bonus time! Despite having received annual bonuses for a while now, the concept of being given extra money still seems new and unusual to me, so it's always always a bit like a pleasant surprise.

Of course, much of it goes towards loan repayments, but I'm pleased that two purchased items have arrived today – one a piece of plastic the size of a postage stamp ($200), and the other delivered in two somewhat larger white paper packages tied up with string ($700).

Along with the colour-accurate 8-bit wonder ($300) sitting on my desk at home, these are a few of my new favourite things...

Now back to budgeting and dreaming of toys to pursue when the loan is repaid and the savings (hah!) more than double-figures.

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Bonuses? I think I remember those ... :(

(I'm lucky if I'm paid enough for what I do, let alone anything like overtime money or bonuses. Bleh).

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