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Which is funnier?
Survey time. In a short play, Jenny has convinced Glen – who didn't carry her over the threshold when they first married – to make it up to her by carrying her now... up to the fifth floor:

Glen: By the time we get there, I'll be so clapped out I'll be no use to you anyway!

Jenny: Sad, isn't it. But that's the deal, lover. If you want my body, you'll have to take care of the delivery.

Of the following, which response is funnier?

Glen: Couldn't we just get a porter? Or maybe Toll Transport?
Glen: Couldn't we just get a porter? Or maybe Pack & Send?

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I think pack and send sounds better

Agreed. I think Pack & Send will work better for people who haven't heard of either company.

If knowledge of the company is an issue, you could always go with FedEx.

Thank you all. I thought of FedEx, but didn't want it to sound too American.

This is to replace "Ipec", which is not known widely enough. I considered Toll Transport, who actually use the Ipec name for their courier service, because it plays up the idea she may be too heavy to carry. But I prefer Pack & Send – it seems to have some comical value, as if he's going to have someone come and box her up, ready for delivery to the hotel suite.

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