Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

When Word won't budge...

Has anyone ever been admitted into psychiatric care due to the sheer frustration of dealing with Outline Lists and Paragraph styles in Word?

I start a new document with a couple of simple styles (Normal and Paragraph). So far, so good. I define a List style with the indenting I want. And it even works! So far, so good.

But now that I want a block of text to be Paragraph instead of Normal, it simply will not let me indent some text from level 1 to level 2. Grrr.

What's the point of styles if they don't work? Now I have to resort to manually changing paragraph spacing. :-(

UPDATE: I understand now, but I'm still not happy. You can't have a parentless child, unless you're talking about the real world and an earthquake hits. Applying the Paragraph style overrides the List style, so I once again apply the List style. But now these items aren't considered part of the bigger list, and therefore I can't indent all of them without leaving a first level list item at the top.

Grrr (again). Surely I should be able to apply a new paragraph style without losing the list style.
Tags: gripe

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