Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

I don't unedrstand Twitter anyway, but...

1. To the developers of Tweetie, which I picked up as part of the MacHeist bundle recently:
"1033 days ago" is not that helpful to me. Why can't you use dates like real people? In fact, even Twitter uses dates for really old posts.

2. "1033 days ago." I think that's a bit depressing. Maybe; not sure.

3. Do you use Twitter? What do you think of it? As cute as it is – you might even say "twii" – to have a whole community culture built around Twitter and terms like Unfollow and Retweet, it still seems alien to me that there are no comment threads, and therefore all replies are by way of @replies or "Mentions" that don't even reference the original post.

4. Whilst we're talking social networking sites, have you tried Buzz, and if so, what do you think?
Tags: tech

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