Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Google Docs frustration

Gripe of the day. I can't find a way in Google Docs to show only documents that are not hidden. In other words, to keep hidden documents hidden when I look in a specific folder.

Basically, I'm using the Hide function to archive documents. Since I tend to use the All Items view, this works pretty well. But the problem is that the Personal, Hartwell and Work items are all mixed in together. What if I only want to see the items for a particular work project? I can go to that folder/label, but it shows me everything in that folder. There appears to be no option to toggle the display of hidden items, and the search appears to have nothing like the "label:inbox" term you'd use in gmail. Grrr.

Some rudimentary searching has not turned up a wealth of options or discussion on this, so I wonder if I'm missing something.
Tags: gripe

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