Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

They say it's your birthday; Happy birthday to you.

To me, when it's the birthday of someone I know, it's nothing more than an excuse to play Birthday. Originally a Beatles song, I prefer the version recorded by John Farnham. It's a sickness, I know and maybe one day I'll get sick of the song, but I haven't so far. At least it beats the traditional Happy Birthday song.

Tomorrow is Jesara's first birthday. I don't think she'll understand the playing of the song, but then, neither does anyone else. It'll be interesting to see whether she catches on that something special is happening. Certainly next year she'll get the idea that this birthday thing is a pretty good deal.

She has a swimming lesson tomorrow and Deborah is staying home from school to go along, so that Theresa can do some more video taping. They have promised not to do anything interesting; they know there'll be trouble if I miss out on the fun...

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