Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Yay for new webmail. But...

Highlight of the day so far is discovering that our web hosting provider has updated RoundCube webmail. The new version addresses one of my gripes: I can now choose which folder it uses for sent email, so I no longer have to move messages from Sent to sent-mail.

For a moment there, I also got my hopes up and thought that it addresses my other gripe, but not quite. :-(

If I flag a message in MacOS Mail, webmail will correctly star it, so that's good. And if I unstar a message, it gets unflagged on the server correctly, so that's good too. But if I star a message in webmail, this special status only appears in webmail, when it should later appear as a flag in Mail. Not sure where the error is here. Oh well.
Tags: tech

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