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If only it were satirical
No wonder some people can't recognise satire, when you get something like this insane "survey" that looks like satire, but isn't.

If you ask leading questions, you'll get dodgy answers; which I guess is perfect when you want dodgy answers...

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The last question is different in the two versions.

So when I looked at the first one I thought it must be some American thing... then to my horror I realised it wasn't.

So I went to the second one and wondered if it would let me submit without indicating any politicians who have earned my respect.. and it did! No contact details or anything towards to end. Just a whole lot of "disagree" and a few "agrees" (I think the smoking age thing is a good idea!)

Not too popular in the electorate at this point in time..

Women’s furore on Nile survey

A SURVEY of North Shore voters has been condemned as “racist hate politics” by residents, politicians and Christians.

NSW Upper House MP Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party survey asks voters to agree or disagree with statements such as “The Federal Government should have the power to deport any Muslim” and “Australia needs no more Muslim schools and no more mosques”.

West Pymble friends Bronwen Hanna, a Christian, and Surur Arain, a Muslim, said they were horrified to receive the survey in the mail on Tuesday.

“I felt disbelief that something like this could be written,” Ms Hanna said. “I actually thought, ‘this is a joke’.

“The views and the stereotyping was so extreme.”

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