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Password security
Hats off to Moshtix for putting in the effort to make a clean and usable signup process that clearly explains things. Interesting advice on password security, though:

"This allows you access your profile next time you buy tickets. Tip: mum's maiden/pet/child's name are easy to remember."

Perhaps they think people who go to gigs are likely to have a below average brain cell count.

EDIT: They let you store credit card details in your profile, making the advice about choosing an easy password particularly concerning.

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Usability observation during signup:

It asks for a mobile number in this manner:
country code in first field, then space for the mobile number

You don't include the 0 for a number in international format, so I left it out, then got told to enter a valid mobile number. I have to try to remember to act like a regular user.

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