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HTML email (but in a sensible way)
I'm considering changing my default mail format in Outlook (work email only!) from plain text to HTML.

I feel so dirty.
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It's just getting to the point where I am more frequently needing to format email than not, and it's pretty easy to Alt-O-T my way back to plain text format.

And to make myself feel less dirty, the justification:

- Everyone else is doing the HTML email thing. [1]

- At least I pay more attention to my email formatting than most. [2]

- Everyone has a MIME-capable mail client and everyone has to deal with formatted email whose content is worse than what I'll be sending them.

- Though still an Internet purist at heart, I also have an interest in design and usability. Formatting does aid comprehension and it's both easier and more effective to format an HTML email than it is to format a plain text email.

[1] Except perhaps for Rich and a handful of other purists.

[2] And I don't use those horrible manufactured email signatures. People actually put things like "Kind Regards" in there to save typing later, which makes them look stupid, since: a) it's clear they haven't typed it, because the the signature is green and their text is black (blue for replies), b) they then go and type "Regards" in their actual message, five lines up, and c) they send emails with bad news followed by a signature with an automatic "Cheers".

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